A glance inside

My art endeavors are built up of multi-mix visual arts with a belief behind pursuing a consistent trajectory to have an outcome where the love is inside the doing the works. I always plan with a relaxed mind about what to do next. My background in holistic studies and therapies since the '70s will speak for itself. (more on https://www.facebook.com/aseeltje/) Building up resilience will become important and apparent in the existing works and appreciation from the crowd to support is necessary; This will define the continuance for new ideas with an open mind - even in crucial moments. My strength to go ahead lies in the choice of themes in various exploring fields including gems jewelry settings and printworks when on the island there are two sides to take advantage of, the one touristically and the other the fine art exploitation. Also, the use of technique mixed media will depend.

I believe in authenticity when adapting my own taste to the subjects, even when some common academic structures need to be inserted. Procedures are from my own individual hand touch constructed by the hearth. In the long term expressing your own wit as a solo artist will satisfy you much more and since the humoristic approach in blogging and video presentations are present, nowadays their exposure is muchly viewed by others.

The genre mode started firstly with some periods of pen drawing the heritage buildings in the 80s on the born island of Curacao picturing its architecture, the underwater and shore scapes in Bonaire including portraits in oil. Expressing the culture came in starting 90s; Then peddling back to Curacao to be part of the competent race in the black culture community which came with new programs and seminars to relive the importance of itself. By nearing the end of the 90s a more surrealistic approach is seen in my fine artworks while I self-represented the concept of the overall 'woman' being resilient in its survival. Gradually I started developing insight on sudden realm expression socially. With a kind of epiphany style, first in rhythmical poetry alongside the arts, then when approaching the 2000s to become more intuitively prose-styled and actively maintaining. In essence, the meaning of it all is focused on the living needs and encouraged the visioning with a more holistic approach whereas the cultural existence is more satisfactorily expressed to an extent. Until detailed art forms besides other aspects of issues became built-up concepts more reliant on an approximate level to question. Photographing was from the start present to characterize the documentation.

Coming from two mixed-racial families, my research in the arts and culture of black communities on islands was necessary when coming back from overseas to live.  My rooted families are from the Winward islands and the Netherlands. The latter I lived during the '60s and 70s when I finished a variety of studies, worked 10 years at Philips Concern Co., and joined as a duo performer bringing popular Latin American songs to the public in Eindhoven city and surrounding.

Today this journey of retrospective events, after a marriage and having kids with exploring my own vision to details are subjected to emancipatory and given the privilege to presenting 45y art survival while unexpected turns are meant for growth. The undertaken experiences contemporarily are redefined inside monographic proportions to prepare. Furthermore, a video presentation of 4 decades and derived research taking Bandabou's suburbs and rural lowlands will be the topic of resources of interest with the central approach of wellbeing.                (more on https://bandabow.wordpress.com/)