45y living through the arts

A short introduction from A.t.Holt starting Oct.'22 gives a brave picture encompassing her retrospect to nowadays enhancing monographically with resilient multi-functional perspectives.

My creative self

I'm a female creative senior,  celebrating 45 years in performance, visual arts, prose writing, and coaching youth in the countryside of Curaçao. My ambition is to explore prose writing and work on monographs and create a new form documenting my personal thoughts on nowadays issues with multi mix materials. After my studies between the Netherlands and USA, I lived and worked in Bonaire and Curaçao - building up a genre from realistic to a more surreal onto a final conceptual contemporary art. Along with my visual practices, I volunteered with hosting events using my founding Funark Foundation to promote Creative Cultural Arts in Dutch Caribbean and outdoors.  I still motivate youngsters in the visual aspects and the importance of planning but now inside the countryside Bandabou of Curacao. In past, I attended schools and events in Willemstad the Capital while doing many solo exhibits in-and outdoors.  By self-establishing myself, I became an initiator in new projects using metaphorically senses and a self-taught program developer aligned  with co-assisting members inside the foundation. At moment the uplifting center idea is to attract outdoor creatives to join with project activities.

You're invited to the Funark activities blog https://funart88.wordpress.com/                                                                  

and inspirational blog about lowland Bandabou https://bandabow.wordpress.com/

My email address for more info: atenholt002@gmail.com               WhatsApp: +599995268813

atenholt002@gmail.com or funartseela@gmail.com                   

Other sites are:

https://www.facebook.com/atholt                                   https://www.linkedin.com/in/asyla-holt-37a7356/                                     Funark Arts foundation on Google



Quilting Past Future Atholt Presented at Cur. Sustainable Expo 2018

2018 local interv.with IammadeinCuracao for Alg.dagblad (dutch newspaper) with retrospect images

Celebrating self identity 2004 mix media/canvas

Future viewiwng within and out the 'goldfingerlady ('18 my creative attitude)Installation

Choose direction 2016/'17

2009 Remembering Bonaire in 80's incl workshops

Workshops to Bandabou kids/ adults since 2018 (in past art teacher Am.Prep.sch. and Intern sch.plus comm.c.in W'stad).

Enliven Dutch Caribbean Art Culture

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asyla ten holt