Asyla ten Holt is known for her strong imaginary details and tinted mixed color nuances mostly in oils-mix media to show real aspects in life and community using narratively understandung with Abstract in between and Figures. They value daily understanding with healing approach; A personal token interpreted  between periods of 4 decades. 

Her two ultimately Exhibits were Rastro '13--'14 (Trail) with 8 artists Aruba/Curacao/Bonaire-relating their way of seeing lower Antilles and Kingdom. Then came Artistically Heritage Exhibit from 2015 indicated the Cultural love where  2 Artists interchange their Historical Arts Heritage in Dutch Antilles and outside. Asyla started first with landscapes aNd underwater-and lived also in Bonaire during 80's  She finally settled in Curacao again in '89 where the Cultural activities started getting an uplifting.

Since poetry remains her side-occupation,  gradually Asyla takes more time now for Writing. From lyrical/rhythmical poetry in past, a choice is now for Prose writing. In 2017 she launched a first New Book internationally called Enliven Emotions. (Online Amazon-Goodreads-Barnes&Noble and Locally at her place in Curacao.) While doing less paintings, Asyla takes more and more  interest in  Installation work comfronted with healing aspect..

Asyla ten Holt lives in Curacao lower lands on Northern Coast of Bandabou for past 30 years. Before, she used to go between islands. During 80's in Bonaire  she undertook many things, like being funded with a study to USA 1986 through the American society. Also had done Flamingo designed Corals in Kaya Grandi sidewalks. Her studies started in Holland and lived there from 1969 until 1980. Her Artworks are represented in Art/Cultural Institutes, Companies, and Private Collections. See www.asylatenholt.com (revised until 2012) for details Exhibits and outdoors activities. Also htpp://www.funart88.wordpress.com tp follow kids activities in Bandabou rural area where she volunteers in coaching Arte-Kreativo programs.

In the continuity of her talented multidisciplinary function as Visual Artist/Author and coaching creative,  her first goal was  an Online Retrospective Auction. Now Asyla offers Collage works to gain fund for kids program. Can check her at atenholt002@gmail.com.

Contemporary issues as images seen here are expressed in Culture - Surrealism- Imaginative and Holistic/Symbolic Art and are living issues captured instinctively and inspired from dreams and self thaught realization. The Original paintings are now meant to be part with outdoors Exhibits and lectures.

Contact Info at atenholt002@gmail.com. or contact Asyla on  05995268813.

For kids activities : funartseela@gmail.com






  • Free & Abundance 2011 Oil

    ’Free and Abundance’ - 2011 80-1.mtr.
    Oil Stretch Canvas

  • Abundance 2015 Oil

    Abundance’- 2015-Oil
    on stretched canvas-
    51-65 cm

  • 1.'An Impasse'/2.'Direction'

    1.‘An Impasse’ ’15-Canvas -Back Board & Framed (Off Green) 60-79cm-Oil-AtHolt-Bid $ 540

    2. ‘Directing’ ’15-Canvas-Back Board & Framed(Off Green) 60-79cm-Oil-AtHolt

Dream Expression’ 2004 Dark Blue frame-Canvas-Oil Incl. palm canvas relief-81-87cm-
‘Little Corn Feasting Harvest’ 2001/ Sisal Braid style frame.-Oil –Canvas- 81-87cm-AtHolt-Open Bid $ 1.260

remembering bonaire in 80's