Asyla ten Holt is known for her strong imaginary details and tinted mixed color nuances mostly in oils-mix media to show her thoughts in life community using narratively understanding with Abstract in between and Figures. They value daily understanding with a healing approach, somewhat symbolically and metaphorically interpretations, also in writing. 

She's an established multifunctional visual creative since 1980. Her ultimate exhibits were 'Rastro in '13--'14 (Trail) with 8 artists Aruba/Curacao/Bonaire-relating their way of seeing lower Antilles and Kingdom. Then the Artistically Heritage Exhibit from the 2015 National Library with Jean Girigoy, another artist expressing cultural love while 2 Artists interchange their Historical Arts Heritage in Dutch Antilles. Then in 2017 with installation work recycling art 'called 'my recycling attitude' with 'gold-finger-lady' bringing awareness through the past and future by letting the visitors see the inside model installation and outside golden look and compare their life for future. The event was Sustainable trade expo by 'IammadeinCuracao"

Asyla started first with landscapes and underwater in Antilles-and lived in Bonaire and Curacao.  She finally settled in Curacao again in ''90;s where the Cultural activities started getting uplifting and afterward more subtle ideas came with surrealistic and metaphoric approaches.

Since poetry remains her side-occupation, Asyla Holt gradually takes more time now for Writing and coaching Kids although she has thoughts to actively start a series of alternative works for future solo-exhibit.  She lives on the Northern Coast of Bandabou for the past 32 years. This after back from the Netherlands-then going back and forth and also between islands. Now Suriname is her favorite country spot since the 2013-Carifesta activity where she returns for studies and cultural exploration. Her 'Enliven Emotions' book 2016 was also polished there.

During the '80s in Bonaire, she had many undertakings, like being funded with a study to USA 1986 through the American society. Also had done Flamingo-designed Corals in Kaya Grandi sidewalks. Her studies started in Holland and lived there from 1969 until 1980 and like had been announced, going back and forth meant entering the academy and finally in 1999 and 2000 the Art University in Tilburg for 2-years Conceptual Art.

Her Artworks are represented in Art/Cultural Institutes, Companies, and Privately in and abroad. She was many times funded through past Cultural Institutions for exhibits in and outside Curacao, framing works, and cultural travels, and occupied with School art projects. Asyla has been recognized in Diaspora group org.L'exposee as awarding person in society during 'Heal the World'event in Dallas and Surinam cultural groups. She's been around many times in the US and the rest of the Caribbean (Barbados/St.Kidds) for Arts&Craft activities and creative writing Rhode Islands.

Take a look at also htpp://www.funart88.wordpress.com recent coaching kids activities and more in Bandabou rural area Residence where she volunteers in coaching Arte-Kreativo programs

Contact Info at atenholt002@gmail.com. or contact Asyla on WhatsApp 05995268813.

For kids activities: funartseela@gmail.com






Dream Expression’ 2004 -Canvas-Oil Incl. with palm canvas relief-81-87cm-
‘Little Corn' Harvesting’ 2001/ Sisal Braid style frame.-Oil –Canvas- 81-87cm-AtHolt

  • underwater bonaire '88-ath

    nuances and change of colors in a stillness underwater gives inspirational strength

  • 'study self portrait' 1994-ath

    Continuance art classes. During portrait in oils course
    Academy of art Eindhoven Netherlands

  • IGalopping horse into sudden awarenes future -2004 -
    1.08-1.37mtr. Oil
    stretch canvas AtHolt

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