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Exposed are a variety of Arts from different episodes in time with meaningful understanding from daily lives and viewpoints, intuitively or surreal or conceptually expressed. See

Most Arts have a Cultural instinctively passion or the strength exposed derived from this female artist that visions, supported by her Self-reliant and extracted understanding cultivated in her life. These memorized with mind,' heart, and soul have functions with moods expressed in Oils/Mixed Media on Canvas and or are photographic images- collages or mosaic-like designs and structures. Recent works are titled 'My creative attitude" ; Are Recycling Installations.  

Within her Prose-writing, the symbolic narrative style is present or metaphorically. The visual story is self-realized prospects that matters from around the Dutch Caribbean to compare with outdoors. Afterwards in spare time working on self-cultivated Jumby seeds put in jewel, gives uplifting inspiration again. Also, time is spent in herb-researching and healing therapies (professionalize).

A new start online learning  to coach kids/adult for 2021 is being prepared, AS Founder of Funark Non profit Cultural Arts Foundation '89, Asyla aims now to NEW online 'Art/Creative" program '21 - planned for after school activities as well (see WORK PLAN) Therefor new equipment like, camera, laptop, headphone, microphone, webcam and CD/Drive are needed. If there is any info for direction for one of these equipments to donate, please or        WhatsApp +59995268813.              Kids' programs are being offered voluntarily in Bandabou, Lowlands of Curaçao since 2 years and introduction Online in Covid time works well, interchanging with presence at site.

Other indication below is also possible for voluntarily coaching and new equipments whereas to make a special donation of any kind amount.    Please scroll down to 'Join Support' on the Menu of this site. 


Or to purchase any desire yours. Thank you.