Multi-media art

Exposed are here a few varieties of Arts from different life episodes. They express daily attitudes esp. in the colored community with the female aspect in the foreground. Other viewpoints are symbolical, Arts through dreams or intuitive instincts in surreal or conceptually expressed.   More of Asylas' life info is at:

Her Cultural passion is with the instinctive belief of female strength to surpass anything in survival, supported by her Self-reliant abilities and extracted from experiences in her life. The expressive art is mostly memorized from the heart and functions with identified moods using Oils/Mixed Media on Canvas. But also other techniques like in photography is engaged with and collages or mosaic-structures to monographs from her existing art styles. Recent works included installation work titled 'My creative attitude" while hobbies are jewelry-making and coaching kids from the early '80s on

with the Arts must mention the love for Prose-writing that has symbolic narrative style and slight metaphorically. The visual story-telling matters from around the Dutch Caribbean to compare with the outdoors' one. That's why in reflective moments while crafting maybe self-cultivated Jumby seeds and put in jewel combined with mineral stones, inspirations come up for details connected with uplifting ideas while research for creative writing. Also, spending time in her herbal garden and joining meetings about a green living will interest for blogging and so practice on Storytelling ideas.

Ultimately Asyla is preparing her Bio proposal at the moment and intends to perform, giving her 45y experience as a self-establisher in the Dutch Caribbean. With only Funds can the organizing aspect be fulfilled and luckily this was always available on different occasions when preparing solo exhibits, framing artworks, Kids' programs, and art-cultural travels for courses and research the other lifestyle, But must mention the necessity sometimes for a wheelbarrow as well. The competitive artist-world within a small island like Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire is extraordinarily overloaded,

That included the decision to do other part-time occupations when after the millennium with a vulnerable economical situation, the life of a single artist going solo was not particularly one of everydays' sunshine.  She picked up her former interest in therapeutic bodywork and became a certified therapist,

In recent times as a senior, a new idea with online learning has emerged with 2018s uplifting of founders Funark foundation promoting Arts/Culture, registered since '89.  Combined with class learning after school, this became voluntarily coaching kids up till moments' time, including elder programs. In 2021 expansion came to do more after school and with a donated contribution for tools and materials, the coaching became possible. The plan is now doing some kids' activities while attending with prose writing and bio for 2022.