Support a living Artist within her development in the Arts/Writing

Asyla ten Holt Offers exotic Worlds Arts Crafts collected during culture-travels. The Collective items are from the '70s 80s '90s and also 2000's coming to the present time.  She also presents her Art Monographs and looks for funds for her New Book 'Dragonfly' Poetry bundle. A portfolio is in the making to offer abroad as well, so to be able to present her life experiences. This decision is kindly done in self-promotion of her 45y endeavors having multi-faceted interests in Arts/Writing/Healing.

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You can also review her first Book 'Enliven Emotions' and please visit on Amazon (Kindle and Cover book)

(see Let her know about you: or app to +59995268813 in the Lower Antilles-Curacao.

There are instinctively great ways to persevere.

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