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Funark Non-profit foundation SUPPORTS Arts Culture Projects with Asyla ten Holt as founder and offers workshops in the rural area of Bandabou. Her orientation and work capacity with youth offering Arts was first in Willemstad being an Art teacher at a private school and before this gave many workshops during her years in Bonaire and Curaçao. 

She also gave healing therapies and was an expert with mineral stones and essential oils.    
Now as senior Asyla and the foundation Supports Activity Kids Program: '

Examples are: Making masks - working with clay-papier-mache, fabric art, promoting storytelling, and exploring culturally.

We restarted in 2018 with demonstrations. In 2019 uplifted the center and invited a creative person to join Bandabou. Also, 2020-July support with Creativity Project in Soto's Holiday plan Rural area Bandabou Curacao, see and                       

We believe in the Arts' knowledge to uplift kids' talents and vision and stimulate their self-esteem. Focus is on the work itself with a start plan.                                            See: WORK PLAN on this site  

Another example is in September with voluntarily Fabric painting/Tie Dye: Afterschool activity Tera Korra (A.Koenraad)

For 2021: we continued with the focus on support-challenge and we are grateful to be able to do the Arte Kreativo Kis plan for '21.

For 2022 we ask a generous amount for two occasions: in June and September for the new participating areas Barfber and Westpunt. We are building also an 'Editing Online learning' videomaking for the Kids Arts/Culture Program. 

We show our gratitude for any support.

 On-line banking: Maduro & Curiel’s Bank,                                                                           Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao.                                                                 Swiftcode of the bank: MCBKCWCU                                                                                       My account: 332208810                                                                                                     Asyla ten Holt- Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curaçao

And Or:

Fundashon Funark - Account 8800004941 - PSB Bank -  Schottegatweg Noord 24 -Curaçao                                                               

For more details on Arts / Healing: or +59995268813 in Curacao-Dutch Caribbean

Also in 2022; We continue the fundraising by offering copies of Enliven Emotions book plus jewelry in mineral stones and world crafts and arts. Ask for images.

WhatsApp Asyla ten Holt at +59995268813

Also for In-residence, we continue to invite establ. artists to interchange.