2022 June and September workshops. atenholt002@gmail.com
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2021 Kids Arte Kreativo Program and at the end an Exhibit and Calendar.

Info activities on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjNfwcQo1m2DAxW8JRi2S6A

Also on https://www.facebook.com/atholt


2020 During COVID Pandemic staying at home and entertain oneself.

2019: A restart with announce Fundraise

Collagework AtHolt at Landh.Kl.St.Martha-

FUNARK Cente with fundraising through offering unique collage-works

Art pieces depict nature-inspirational expressions. Since 2019 we're collecting funds for materials/project plans to voluntarily coach Children, Youth, Adults, Elders, and the handicapped in the lesser privileged areas of Bandabou -countryside.

An example: we've launched our first Exhibit via Funark Promoting Arts at https://bandabow.wordpress.com/2019/01/19/catchy-display-for-arts-education/ to gain funds.

In later years we joined with 'I am made in Curaçao org. This was in June when at Jan Thiel Market at Livingstone Resort we offered craftworks. The following site is an introduction to the first meeting with Suriname's interest in interchange. (https://www.facebook.com/inke.nanhkoesingh/videos/1532422923555732/). and https://www.facebook.com/atholt

More info: www.funart88.wordpress.com/asyltje/about

2018: Demonstration to Community about art materials and handling tools for volunteer Art-Program via Funark non profit)/coach AtHolt

Making acquaintance with the crowd in Soto area in Bandabou countryside by presenting an afternoon with learning arts materials

Article 2018 April 14th in Algemene Dagblad about retrospective art AtHolt and uplifting ideas within Funark center

Artistically Heritage Exhibit Curacao 2016 with two cultural artists.

Dutch Local Newspaper 'Amigu' announcing Groups Exhib. Rastro (Trail) 2012 Aruba- 2013 in Curacao and Bonaire. Organizzed by AruAnti foundation

Booklets announce of 'Rastro' Group Exhibit + Booklets Ghana & Carifesta Suriname given perspectives through sunglasses atHolt (copies at atenholt002@gmail.com)