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Asyla ten Holt is an established Creative senior with 45 years in performing, Visual Arts, Prose writing, and Coaching youth. In between these times, she also hosts her Funark Foundation voluntarily to promote Creative Cultural Arts expressions. She resides in the Dutch Caribbean - Curacao, in the countryside of Bandabou, and offers creativity in the holistic form. This is to improve taste and self-awareness in mastering your own designs. Besides this Asyla motivates youngsters in the visual aspects and the importance of planning beforehand. On the other hand, Asyla develops programs from her In-residence and attracts outdoor creatives to join with. project-activities

Since 2019 with the uplifting of the family-non profit foundation center, the interchange is important in Research, Coaching, and Launching.

With effectiveness and sustainable ways to maintain good performance, there is also a holistic ability in practicing self-help methods and stone-therapies.

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Asyla Holt

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