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Asyla Holt is an established senior Visual Artist, Prose writer, and mostly coaches voluntairily from her Funark Foundation to promote Creative Cultural Arts.  She resides in the Dutch Caribbean of Curacao- in the countryside of Bandabou where she offers creativity in symbolically holistic form to improve self-awareness and develops programs for outdoors talented youngsters and wellbeing.

Since 2019 with uplifting the non profit foundation, Asyla attracts outdoor creatives to join and do Review, Exhibits, and Coach Arts classes. Together with this she teaches self-help stretch methods/body-therapies including green living methods in the rural area of Bandabou. On her blogging site can find: (long living right breathing) Info's on her practises: (  and A new program online presentation is also an interest to after school activities: htpp://

Asyla is partly academic, partly universitair and self-realized female, born in 1953 in Curaçao by parents rooted in the Upper wind Islands, Creole and Dutch citizens from where she adapted their customary English language but also the artistic skills from 5 generations during time. Included is her mom's 40 years designing/dressmaking that impacted Asyla's creative life. The alternative healing part is related from both her parents.

After decades of developing, arts and rhytmical poetry Asyla's instincts from nature started narrating to symbolic visual aspects and Prose to match with her healing endeavors after which she researched the Caribbean Diaspora sinds 2005 following Ghana 2011/2012.   In her Prose activities Asyla adjusted a style exchanged with humor and following case studies were required from joined classes in Afro Renaissance’s Expressive trends in the US-Rhode Island in 2012. Suriname Caricom became third research Arts/Culture studies.

Asyla Holt is a divorsee and three adulted kids living independently. WAY BACK IN HISTORY with families to the Netherlands in '69, Asyla finished her high school and worked as secretary at Philips Industry and studied business English and Dutch. in between got married and also very much engaged in holistic studies. There after in 1979 Asyla decided to visit the Eindhoven Art school from 1979 to 1981. When  coming back in '81 and finally two kids but regretfully a divorce years later, Asyla's rescueing lead was survive in the Arts and had gained passage to settle as such a fine artist and  coaching teacher in Curaçao and Bonaire/ Many are self organized solo exhibits in-and outdoors and a third child while re-gain her contacts in the Netherlands in '99 and 2000 with Universities' Conceptual Art-studies in Tilburg- the Netherlands. This was accomplished on a Dutch grant.

After millennium new approach came in Art-writing system when back in Curaçao while ART-teaching was accepted at private school as free lancer. In her private life Asyla worked on Monographs and symbolic style oil paintings emerged with the Holistic part. A recognizable and significant own style was created after a somewhat tough life as sole-woman, esp. at second narrative style writing.

Her first Amazon Prose book 2016:   Enliven Emotions' Book cover and Kindle                                                                                

Asyla voluntarily works now with donation for after school programs in Rural area Bandabou - Curaçao Dutch Caribbean.  The link 'Join and Support' has morfe info. also for new program 2021 on htpp://               

 More info: in Curaçao and also ask for copies prose writings and In-residence info. Launching Program can call +59995268813(app). Or

New: Open to Creativity (A walk with a creative visitor)


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