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Asyla ten Holt is an established Creative senior occupied for 42 years in Visual Arts, Prose writing, and coaching youth. Since 1989 she's voluntarily hosting her Funark Foundation to promote Creative Cultural Arts. She resides in the Dutch Caribbean of Curacao- in the countryside of Bandabou and offers art education in the holistic form to improve self-awareness and motivate youngsters in the visual aspects while developing programs from her In-residence.

Since 2019 an uplifting took place from the family-non profit foundation center to attract outdoor creatives to join and do Research, Coach classes, Perform and Launch.

There are also other effective sustainable ways to share experiences and exchange holistically since Asyla engages with stretch methods and body-therapies including green living.

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Asyla is partly academic, partly from university and self-realized female, born in 1953 in Curaçao by parents rooted in the Upper wind Islands, Creole and Dutch citizens from where she adapted their customary English language but also the Dutch artistic skills came from 5 generations. Esp. her Moms-side, an immigrant from St.Martin, with 40 years of designing/dressmaking, had a great impact on Asyla's creative life. The alternative healing part is related to both her parents.

Asyla has decades of experience and instincts narrating nature, culture to symbolic visual aspects, and Prose healing endeavors include researching the Caribbean Diaspora since 2005 following Ghana 2011/2012 and US renaissance creative writing with 'Callaloo' org. in Rhode Island. But also completed journeys to Suriname Caricom 2013  until 2017 launching her book EnlivenEmotions had a more vivid understanding.

Asyla Holt is a divorcee and has three adult kids living independently.   Coming back home in '81 from studying and living in the Netherlands and after years of settling in Curacao and Bonaire, she gained, maintained, and accomplished to this day a self-awareness from her independent life.

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Residence Funark centerTera Korra Bandabou rural area

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Asyla Holt

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