ANNOUNCES Auctioning her 'Retrospectives' (most impacted Oilpaintings)

Asyla ten Holt is known for her strong details and tinted mixed color nuances mostly in Oils which pieces show encouraging lively narratives with Abstract taste and Figures. They value Daily understanding with a personal or imaginative token and intersected now as time stories between periods of 4 decades.  Her two ultimately Exhibits were Rastro (Trail) with 8 artists in relation to lower Antilles/Oversees AND Artistically Heritage indicating the Cultural love where  2 Artists insist continue living their Historical Arts Heritage in Dutch Antilles and outside. Gradually Asyla takes more time now for Writing. From where she started with lyrical/rhythmical poetry in past, a choice is now in Prose. Last year she launched a New Book Enliven Emotions.(Online Amazon-Goodreads-Barnes&Noble and at Bruna Bookstore Zuikertuintje Mall Curacao.) Furthermore, she’s taking a new form of Installation as well.

Asyla ten Holt lives in Curacao lower lands on Northern Coast of Bandabou for past 30 years. Before she had her studio in Bonaire and before this she studied, lived and worked in Holland from 1969 until1980. Her Artworks are represented in Art/Cultural Institutes, in Companies and Private Collections also Internationally.

In the continuity of her talented multidisciplinary function as Visual Artist/Author and Arts Therapist, moments goal is to start an Online Retrospective Auction
The 20 pieces Contemporary Expressions infusing Culture with Surrealistic- Imaginative and Holistic tendencies are captured on her Website and Auction is conducted on Asyla’s Webshop site and ‘Retrospective Auction starts from 29th of March  and continues in May. Details are exposed to each Original Oil painting, have a start off price while indicating bidder can top the previous bid which minimal is $ 60 - add up to Actual Price-Offer to Compete with. The Cause in this setting is to bring more life into  Free Lectures &Art Therapies for Youngsters and Adults in Bandabou via Asyla’s Non-Profit Foundation ‘Funark’ -28 years in existence. This can be monitored via funart88 and  

So these are  Asyla’s best eye-catching works which were exposed to Exhibits/Cards Products and Poems-Booklets. Participants will get free consulting on Art Therapies as gift token and at Ultimate Bidding a Free Monograph. Delivery Pieces will have an extra cost of shipment at  $30 while delivery will take two weeks with Service Post DHL as a rolled package. Framed items will be readily delivered within Dutch Antilles-Curacao.

First press releases are with Local newspaper Algemene Dagblad and Online Magazine ‘I am made in Curacao’ (  ( Facebook). 

So Readers are lead from the Webshop Interactions can be done via Facebook ( and you can Mail your preference Painting,  your Bid, and Contact Info at or contact Asyla on  05995268813.





  • .‘North Coast Goats’ 1996

    ‘North Coast Goats’ 1996 Oil 95cm -1.20
    Frame Off-Green –
    Bid $ 2.020

  • Peacefulness 2007

    ’Peacefulness’-2007 –Oil
    76 cm-1.18 mtr,
    Stretch Canvas/
    Bid $ 740

  • Mindfulness

    'Mindfulness' - Oil
    stretched canvas-
    51-61 cm -
    AtHolt –
    Bid $ 460

  • Free & Abundance 2011 Oil

    ’Free and Abundance’ - 2011
    Oil Stretch Canvas
    Bid $ 1.090

  • Abundance 2015 Oil

    Abundance’- 2015-Oil
    on stretched canvas-
    51-65 cm
    BId $ 540

  • 1.'An Impasse'/2.'Direction'

    1.‘An Impasse’ ’15-Canvas -Back Board & Framed (Off Green) 60-79cm-Oil-AtHolt-Opening Bid $ 540

    2. ‘Directing’ ’15-Canvas-Back Board & Framed(Off Green) 60-79cm-Oil-AtHolt bid $ 540

Dream Expression’ 2004 Dark Blue frame-Canvas-Oil Incl. palm canvas relief-81-87cm- Bid $ 1.260 ‘Little Corn Feasting Harvest’ 2001/ Sisal Braid style frame.-Oil –Canvas- 81-87cm-AtHolt-Open Bid $ 1.260

  • Musical Heritage 2012 Oil

    Musical Heritage-2012/Oil
    69-72 cm Stretched Canvas AtHolt –
    Bid $ 560

  • Potpourri Culture 2012 MixMedia/Cloth relief

    Potpourri-2012- 69-72 cm Oils& Mixed Media /Cloth - Stretch Canvas
    Bid $ 560

  • Dog Party-2006-Oil

    Dog Party’06 Oil
    Opening bid $ 640

  • Carib Afternoon 2012 Oil

    Carib Afternoon- 2012-Oil / Stretch Canvas -AtHolt – Bid $ 560

  • 'Islands' Integration 2011 Oil

    ‘Island Integration'(Rastro)
    Oil on stretch Canvas- AtHolt
    Bid $ 1.100

  • 'Integration'

    ‘Integration’ (Rastro) 1.20-Oil-
    Stretch Canvas-
    Opening Bid $ 1.220

  • 'Meditation' 2004 Oil

    Meditation’ -2004 -
    Oil Canvas stretch AtHolt
    Bid $ 1.440

  • 'Direction' 2015

    ‘Directing’ -’15-
    Canvas-Back Board & Framed(Off Green)
    bid $ 540

  • Inspiration-2004 -
    1.08-1.37mtr. Oil
    stretch Canvas AtHolt
    Open Bid $ 1.440

  • 'Butterfies' 2001 Oil painting

    Butterflies-’01-OilCanvas+Palm relief/
    Bid $1040

  • 'Purifying water' 2001 Oil

    Purifying water '2001-
    73-93 cm
    Oil-Canvas Dark Frame
    AtHolt -
    Bid $ 980