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Asyla Holt is a very well-known multi-functional female established  Visual Artist, Crafts, Designs with Monographs also Prose writing symbolic stylish and functions holistically.      She resides in the Dutch Caribbean - fused all aspects into Holistic Art from her self realized studies subjected to '4 decades living Art.

Now as Senior, she puts her historic endeavors and outdoors Reviews/Exhibits to one interest to work on titled ' A survivor looking through Arts glasses from the Dutch Caribbean. For the time in between her love is dedicating to her Funark Promote Arts/Culture Foundation ( and a second Prose Book. Funds requirements are therefor necessary.

Her spending 40 years in creativity included Coaching Art Education + Freelance therapy works and so survived her Arts inclusive re-printing and Jewelry making.

Asyla was born in 1953 in Curaçao by parents rooted in the Upper wind Islands from where she adapted their customary English language. She instinctively uses the narrative skill and adds humor to the style. She got advanced teachings and joined classes in Afro Renaissance’s Expressive trends in the US.

Looking back Asyla visited Art school from 1979 to 1981 in Eindhoven- the Netherlands and re-gained entrance to the  Universities' Conceptual Art-studies in Tilburg on Dutch grant. After this in 2000 twice returning to Curaçao she engaged in such a manner developing original Art-system; A recognizable and significant stylish manner (see the link 'Art Collection') Asyla created that expresses Emotion and Compassion with nowadays' themes.

About Creative writing:  Enliven Emotions' colorful Cover book in Prose writings is published via Author House UK/USA - with colored images / Order on also Kindle/E-book on GoodReads/Barnes & Noble and the UK.  A second Prose for 2019 sub-titled                'Signs to Awake' is at the last stage (needs more Fund requiring support.                                                                          See also the global events on 'Book launch/Exhibit' on this web.

Locally available at in Curaçao for hard/soft cover and organizing Reading/Launching Program can call +59995268813(app).

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New: Open to Creativity (A walk with a creative visitor) 

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