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Asyla Holt is a very well-known multi-functional female and established  Visual Artist, Prose writer, and holistic therapist.  She resides in the Dutch Caribbean and since a senior fused her creative symbolically aspects into Holistic form. Through these endeavors, she tries to realize projects via her long time Funark Foundation.  

Asyla attracts outdoors creatives to join and do Review, Exhibits, and Coach Arts classes, stretching self-help therapies and diverse other subjects include Green living in the rural area of Bandabou, the countryside. (

This partly academically, partly university and a self-realized person was born in 1953 in Curaçao by parents rooted in the Upper wind Islands from where she adapted their customary English language but also the artistic skills from her mom which was designer and dressmaker. Also, the healing part is related to her parents.

Furthermore, she instinctively uses her Prose narrative skill to express her findings conclusions of characteristics and opinions gathered in-and outdoors in ways of life and adds humor to the style. She got advanced teachings and joined classes in Afro Renaissance’s Expressive trends in the US.

Visiting Art school was from 1979 to 1981 in Eindhoven- the Netherlands and re-gained in '99 and 2000 entrance to the  Universities' Conceptual Art-studies in Tilburg on a Dutch grant.

A further developing  Art-system included Monographs and Holistic Visual expressions evolved. A recognizable and significant own style is recognized. (see the link 'Art Collection') 

                                Enliven Emotions' Book cover and Kindle                                                is a colorful Cover book Prose writing and published via Author House UK/USA - and has images and paintings / Order on also Kindle/E-book on GoodReads/Barnes & Noble and the UK.  A second Prose is still in the make named Dragonfly Prose writings.                                                                         For global events seek 'Book launch/Exhibit' on this web.

Questions and donations write to in Curaçao and also ask for copies prose writings and In-residence info. Launching Program can call +59995268813(app). Or


Also check digital publication 'I am made in Curaçao site:

New: Open to Creativity (A walk with a creative visitor) 

Asyla's Art Therapy on - updated until 2012 -  

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