Nov. 13, 2017

CURACAO HOUSE The Hague, but first Bonaire

I've come to this end September '17 exposing my lifetime Monographs of past paintings to re-present myself as Artist of 38 years practicing. And as new Author, I had to make sure a copy was given to the Plenipotentiary Minister Begina representing Curacao at Curacao House in The Hague ( their fine dedicated interior building I'll never forget). This concerned my New Book Launch Program activity after which book came out in 2016 at AuthorHouse in UK and US.(online purchase or the Artist at Satisfied on realizing grant through Prins Bernhard Fund for Publishing the Book and stepping in my low budget bold shoes I went into a Project Travel Launch Campaign.

But first, before this Netherlandish-adventure, I thought to have some skills to do in Bonaire first. It concerned an engrave in a sign - deserved since 1987 below the designs of Coral Flamingoes in Main Town. So my fellow artist Adi Figaroa helped while was funded through Foundation Bondrigo to engraving design in Copperplate.  With this came an organized Group Exhibit at Bonaire Tourist Board in Kaya Grandi ( they gave us space, wine, and cheese).  Another longtime Artist was Guno Gerling Surinam who joined with us. A Batik Artist. We thought to bring in Upcoming Artists and they gathered. These are exciting inspirational moments to strengthen further Activities.