Jul. 13, 2017


Through Travel Launch Campaign, Self Organized from Curacao-Dutch Caribbean I gradually find myself dropping the line in Surinam half way the year '17; give my Polishing Book Guru Connoisseur in Linguistic English Mr. F.Olivieira a Cover of Enliven Emotions ( book/kindle online). Furthermore with helping Guide named Sombra writer (schrijversgr.77) and Artist Djinti, we stepped direction DE Trouw -Newspaper World and Organized Culture Center at Pur Panji- nestling the date for my Presentation and Life time Monographs of Fine Arts. An exorbitant luxury low-budgetary my side I'd still gone off to an adventure. My guide Mr.Sombra-a -declamation-writer and poet I thank immensely for all trips and presentations I could attend when he was performing as well.