Our Emotions open up and carry us to rich Perspectives while another function is ON the list and to let us make haste.

Inspiring moments and hunkering thoughts make way into speech from a heartbeat. A visit to  Artists Studio. Asyla works here and also you can explore in her herb garden plus able to work on a painting or research the area, read and write. It also functions since 2019 as In residence. Tera Korra is on the North Coastline in Curaçao  and 7 minutes distance of Daaibooi Bay. It's the road before the village of  Barber in Bandabou-Countryside .  The appointment before reach Tera Kora is necessary (+59995268813)

2019 Youth Programs 'Creative Recycling Attitude' and Demonstrations for Lower Antilles           and      Funark requires Funding. 

2019 July Big Sale: Open house Organic Jewelries/Arts Collages

Open Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00

Sept. 2019 Re-open Funark:                                                                                               
The Funark Center is now yearly open beside offer Stretching  See for more info.                                                                       
                                                               Also, In-residence inviting outdoors creatives to work together in a variety of fields.

Please reach for more info:     or 059995268813 (app) and for Commission work