Support a living Artist within her development in the Arts/Writing

Through September and November Asyla ten Holt Offers her belongings which are Worlds Arts Crafts, her Collective items since 70's and in 80's coming to present and also her Art Monographs and looks for New Book Travel Launching Space. Also her Original Oil paintings which were the eye catchers during Exhibits are now offered. This decision is kindly done to self promote and gather Funds to continue in her Arts/Writing endeavor- publishing and marketing. A second Prose Book 'In the verge of Awakening' is for November.

If you want to know more and supporting or else Review her first Book Enliven Emotions plse visit the title pn Amazon (Kindle) in exchange for a decorative Marble Stone underlayer and tray from the Arts Craft collection (see

Contact her at or app to +59995268813 in the Lower Antilles-Curacao.

There are instinctively great ways to persevere. ALSO recent promotion for 2019 workshops in Rural area. Curacao. Pls check: for more artists info, Thank you.

Collection of Worlds Mix Art&Craft Part 1 to Part

Price: 5,00 USD
Raising Fund Subjects: Part 1 : Ecuador Collective Marble Stone items soft structured and polished from Asyla Holt now shown Off priced. Chess Game Figures Marble stones (complete) $70 Part 2: Moroccan Wall Plate in Copper/silver tea pot and copper bowl $20/30/75 (Off 30%) Part 3: Maroon WoodArt Surinam PArt 4 AND 5 see