Demonstration for Community Art-Program

Brainstorm and think of ideas and invent a new process of Art development or Craft process in development with techniques and variety of materials. Explain the bringing of product into a new or different market. Develop a new way of looking at something (Innovate). It's also the advantage of practicing the technique and change your perspectivity and deliberately change how you like somethiing to be. So your self esteem awakens in such a manner that you'd be self reliant to your own new way of looking at a ddesign (Innovate). You'd be self reliant to your own creativity and enjoy the process and final result.

Article 2018 April 14th in Algemene Dagblad

Artistically Heritage Exhibit Curacao 2016

Dutch Local Newspaper 'Amigu' announcing Aruba Groups Exhib. Rastro (Trail) 2012

Caribbean Gift and Craft Shows 2005-2008 Barbados. (2007 in Curacao local Newspaper in Papiamentu-Native tongue announcing my participation. I attended 2x Barbados, 1x Curacao and 1x St.,Kitts & Nevis