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Asyla ten Holt is a very well-known multi-functional female Visual Artist in the Dutch Caribbean and diligently recognized Internationally with Prose writings as well; first Asyla expressed lyrics-Epigrams and Poetry in booklets presented with her usually Self organized Solo Art-Exhibits- she dedicates to Prose now. 

Her spending 39 years in creativity includes Coaching in Art Education + Freelance Therapist. Now a Senior, having more time in Creative Writing, her remarkable efforts, and belief in her talented skills are still noted in Exhibitions and Workshops in Community and Globally and also Blogging. See her Websites and Pages. For questions please mail her at

Asyla was born in 1953 in Curacao by parents rooted in Upper wind Islands from where she adapted their customary English language. At the start, she instinctively would use the narrative skill and proceed with her humoristic style adjusting it with advanced teachings and nowadays she continues with Afro Renaissance’s Expressive trends Diasporically. Her working place -also a Funark Foundation is centered in Bandabou area. ( CLICK ON Creativity Tours).

As with Visual Arts, Asyla mused the Academically and University Conceptual Visual studies with Holistic Therapy to engage in such a manner and simultaneously developed an original Art-system, recognizable and significant to her style. (see link Art Collection) using Emotions and Compassion with nowadays themes.

Creative writingEnliven Emotions' colorful Cover book in Prose writings published via AuthorHouse UK/USA - with colored images / Order on also Kindle/E-book on GoodReads/Barnes & Noble and the UK.  A second Prose Publishing is in the making. (to publish 2019 with Fund Campaign).

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