LOVE for PINK in JULY ( and red and purple ) around Lower Caribbean

We're in abundancy around here for colors don't match but stick together.

Bio Asyla(ten) Holt

Asyla ten Holt is a very well-known female Visual Artist in Dutch Caribbean and outdoors. Plus she's starting to be known for her Prose writing although many years busy with lyrics-epigrams and Poetry in presentation booklets with her Solo Art-Exhibits.

Through her 38 years of dedication to Arts-Education-Therapies and Creative Writings, remarkable efforts and belief in her talented skills are noted in her community and Globally.

She was born in 1953 in Curacao by parents rooted in Upper wind-Kingdom Islands' from where Asyla adapted their customary English language. From the start, she would intuitively use the narrative skill.

Gradually she adjusted a humoristic trend and decided to approximate with advanced teachings in Administrative- and Afro Creative Writings and made way to educate herself - turn into the Renaissance’s Expressive trends of Caribbean and USA - noticing deep emotions finding their way into poetry.

The Visual Arts mused with Holistic Therapy consistently form in an engaging manner and simultaneously are developed to a more recognizable significance in Asyla's work.

'2016 Enliven Emotions' colorful Cover book in Prose writings was published via AuthorHouse UK/USA and ordering can be done On also Kindle/E-book on GoodReads/Barnes & Noble. For Dutch Antilles 

2017 Launching at different places  (pics below)plus Book available at Bruna Bookstore in ZuikertuintjeMall in Curacao

Hard Cover

For 2018  a continuing Art Auction - Please click on this site at Bidding Art.

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Jealousy Yellow for June (some for July thanks to some rain.. Our crown flower the Kibra Hacha. Curacao Lower Antilles. Caribbean.

Sizzling Rain Does The Bloom of the Kibra Hacha. When on time and with a Camera, that's Okay Hose--coming a day after or the third and it all will vanish away. No bloom to be inspected. Awesome when you get that snap on time. AtHolt.

LAunch Surinam Pur Panji-Multicenter

Bonaire 2017 Launch Engraving+Group Exhib.Tourism Board

2017 Launch Enliven Emotion+Monogr.The Hague,Cur.House

2016 Artistical Herit. AtHolt/J. Girigori Nat.Library

Rastro Group exhb. Aruba 2012

Kind regards

Asyla Holt